Phil Larson

Building benefits for seniors that include insurance and conferences. Medicare confuses many with multiple options. Some take originial medicare, some use advantage plans such as HMO or PPO, others utilized supplemental insurance and prescription drug plans. Others add indemnity options along with vision, dental, and hearing. There are many routes to a good healthcare package when you turn 65. Our vision is to help with information and answers.

Why do we do benefits? These services are FREE to the recipient. Our agents are paid by the insurance companies. We are dedicated to assisting the National Association of Family Ministries that include the National Center for Fathering (fathers.com), the National Association for Grandparenting (grandkidsmatter.org).

Along with these I direct SOLUM solumcommunity.net that provides community education and coaching for individuals struggling through probation, parole, and at risk situations with the state. Fixing fractured families is our passion.