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Our Passion: Solid Life Foundations

SOLUM Community Transformation Initiative (Incredible resources here)

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Every business endeavor can have impact in the community.  As responsible citizens of our nation and our world, we can make changes that serve the greater good.

We are like that.  You can be a part also.

All profits of Shepherd Consulting have gone to SOLUM.  That’s right. Shepherd Consulting is now an extension of SOLUM Community Transformation Initiative and all funds raised go directly into the non-profit. Our goal in 2015-2018 is to raise $100,000 for SOLUM endeavors.

SOLUM supports fixing fractured families. Community Education, Life Coaching, and Mental Health First Aid training.banner4

Each level of leadership affecting our families and home life is stretched and in need of support. Direct donors are needed.  Is that you?

Some 3700 legislators in 34 states receive chaplain support weekly.

Hundreds of pastors are supported.

Our nation’s homes are 40% fatherless.  That situation influences poverty levels, criminality, behavioral disorders, suicide rates, and other negatives.  The Community Transformation Initiative dream is to help kids have dedicated and healthy dads through education, events, and engagement.  Through Fearless Father weekends, Dad’s University, WatchD.O.G.S. in high fatherless schools, and other engagements community transformation is underway.

Visit the site for full story, over 100 articles, and current events and information.  Click Here for SOLUM


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