Just a great set of stories

As a loyalty partner with grandparentbenefits.org, we support family efforts. This story so touched me about the power of Grandparenting. I hope it brings hope to your heart and joy to your day and expectation for a greater United States.


Whitehouse Takes Action

Recent executive order from the president directs a protection of senior benefits through medicare. While the working out of this could take decades, it gives guidance for legislation and exhibits a heart to protect the benefits many like you have paid into over a lifetime. You deserve the best. You earned it. Take time to read a few links and opinions on the potential impacts.

Let us help you find your way through the confusion of medicare and get the right options to your lifestyle.



Retire with me.. the journey.. state ranking for retirement

As I move more fully into retirement, I find there is much confusion.  You want to make right decisons don’t you.  Let me help. I promise to bring you fresh insights and access to good products that support your personal decisions.  You have earned the right to retire.  Do it your way. Here is a state comparison of taxes and other important issues.

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Find a Medicare Physician

Looking for a new doctor or a health care provider?

Physician Compare helps you find doctors who accept
Medicare, so you can make an informed decision for your health care needs. It’s an easy way to see up-to-date information about clinicians anytime you need it.
Watch the video below to see how Mike and Ann use Physician Compare to search for a new provider in their area.Learn more about how to find and compare doctors and other clinicians at 
Sincerely,The Medicare Team at CMS

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Medicare 2019 Simple

Your medicare experience can be good. You deserve it. You have paid into it all your working career and are ready to enjoy the benefits. Take a few minutes to understand how medicare should work for you. Then contact me and let’s talk about how to assist you in making the right entry decisions to fit your lifestyle. How you start with medicare is important in how you enjoy the benefits.

an unexpected service

What should you expect from a a medicare insurance pro?
They are unlike other insurance consultants and agents.

What should you expect from a a medicare insurance professional? They are unlike other insurance consultants and agents.

A medicare insurance professional requires right training and certification from the insurance company or companies they represent, the states they represent and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). You should expect that

A medicare insurance professional is your consultant and educator. Weaving through the decisions in medicare is an important lifetime decision. You deserve right information and access to answers.

A medicare insurance professional is here for you. While they are agents for the insurance companies with whom you may contract, they must also be here for you to assist you in making decisions.

This article does a good job of outlining some items of which you should be aware. Get right service. We are here for you at SOLUM to give you that “unexepected service” that you should expect. Covering Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas. Benefiting the membership of National Association for Grandparenting.

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